Mini & Humble baby clothes are sweet and playful just like the little ones who love to wear them.

Mini & Humble was inspired by the daily walks company founder Lauren made with her young daughter. In the early days, time passed slowly pushing the pram around the local neighbourhood, dreaming of hot coffee and nap time. Then, those first wobbly steps, holding hands along the winding streets, waving to passing cars and bikes, chasing buzzing bumblebees and hiding behind trees.

These simple precious moments of childhood are at the heart of Mini & Humble.

The magic of sharing time together, and creating memories is woven into the fabric of our first collection, with a timeless and playful print designed for little imaginations and endless adventures. Called “Our Neighbourhood” the Mini & Humble collection is full of character, celebrating the people, places and stories that shape and support family life.

Mini & Humble clothing is made with love and care, using organic cotton that’s soft and gentle for delicate skin. The classic pieces are based on minimal shapes and muted tones but with fun and modern patterns. Every piece is deliberately gender-neutral so that it all works together and the high-quality fabrics mean when clothes are outgrown they can be passed down and enjoyed by siblings and friends. Each detail has been carefully considered with extra poppers, no attached feet and adjustable buttons so the items can be worn and washed for longer, as little ones grow.

Mini & Humble is designed in our Cotswold town in the English countryside, surrounded by honey-coloured cottages and crayon green rolling hills - it’s a fairytale setting we’re lucky to call home. Our pieces are then made in a small carefully chosen and researched factory in Turkey. We’ve taken time and care to research and visit our producers to ensure they share our sustainable and ethical values.

Mini & Humble is a family business that believes in raising children in a way that is fun for little ones, comforting for parents and kind to the environment.

Welcome to our community, which we like to imagine as a friendly and welcoming online neighbourhood. We hope our own story will grow and thrive, just as your little ones do.

Mini & Humble